Where-To-Live Indicators – sample report

Indicators for tens of thousands of localities are available to you.
Here's what one looks like.

Hometown Resilience Scores - sample report

Multiple reports    You can request any number of reports (note this sample visitor's My Reports list) and view them in comparison tables.

Specific locations
We look for indicators that are as local as possible - by Zip Code if available, otherwise by town or county, sometimes by state. Data from specialized geographies, such as Hospital Service Area or Nearest Weather Station are integrated.

Grades    Because raw numbers are difficult to compare, we grade each aspect of a place, like Energy and Security, and specific indicators, such as heating/cooling needs or flood danger.

Help with your further research  With your reports, you get several pages of general notes on the data provided, with tips on where to get more detailed information, sometimes right down to the street.


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