Walkability strengthens neighborhood ties

Walkable neighborhoods mean residents are likely to have higher trust, more community activities, and stronger social networks locally. […]

People will pay to walk

Walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented mixed-use neighborhoods are predicted to be in demand, pushing up prices and encouraging construction. […]

Can you get there in 20 minutes walking or biking?

A map of Portland color-codes neighborhoods by walking/biking proximity to everyday destinations. Not everybody’s destinations.. […]

A walk for Alzheimer’s

Walking can cut older people’s risk of Alzheimer’s in half, yet another reason to choose a walkable neighborhood. […]

Health benefits of fighting climate change

If we think, “Why should I do sustainable stuff to slow climate change when few others do?” better to think how much our family’s health – and pocketbook – will benefit, regardless of what others do. […]

Most sustainable cities

While not fine-tuned to your family’s plans and concerns, city sustainability rankings are a good place to start to find and evaluate places you might choose to live. […]

Walkable neighborhoods

Some neighborhoods provide the compactness, the safe paths, and the vibrant activities that put a smile on your face – and gas money back in your pocket. […]

A home “affordability” tool

Today, our past home choices wouldn’t make it onto our short list. Affordability has new dimensions. […]