When joining a solar garden, location is key

To lower your energy losses stick close to transmission lines

Solar carport reduces transmission losses-As global temperatures climb, the demand for electricity is increasing, and solar is becoming one of the cheapest sources. As we pointed out a few weeks ago, many are turning to solar community gardens to climate-proof their energy costs. This can decrease your electricity bill, but many patches of land being used for solar panels may not be so efficient.

A […]

Community Solar: No roof? No money? No problem.

Lower your costs and expand your solar access with this community energy plan.

Community solar - a way to climate-proof your lifeThe demand for electricity is expected to surge, particularly as we use more for air conditioning, raising costs by $12 billion a year for utility customers. You may be able to climate-proof those energy costs without having to build a costly system of your own (rooftop panels only work on about 30 percent of U.S. homes […]

Me, part of the grid?

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.47.49 AMGreen Mountain Power will make it worthwhile for you to store their electricity in your house.

Unpredictable and intermittent sources – like solar and wind – are a whole lot more valuable to your power company if they can be stored for when needed. Let them borrow power from time to time, and they’ll sell you the battery cheap.

Could conservation become a Conservative cause?

The Congress needs to act on climate change – we should push our legislators towards a positive thinking in this matter. […]

Technology to the rescue?

Graphene shows promise of high-efficiency photovoltaics. Choosing to live where there’s lot of sunlight will maximize the benefits. […]