Millions of fiscal crises

Most Americans have nowhere near enough savings for their senior years. An online calculator helps them see what their nest egg need to be. […]

The deficit drops. Now can Washington help create jobs?

With the deficit dropping dramatically, can our resilient government now create jobs, improve education, fight CO2, whatever? […]

How to reform Social Security all by yourself

Will Congress reduce our children’s income to meet Social Security obligations, or reduce our retirement income? We can control that decision for ourselves. […]

Who will pay for our retirement?

The social security and pension system are collapsing, while most families have little retirement savings. Families can take actions so kids don’t have to finance their parents’ retirement. […]

We can learn to do with less

Federal budget cuts will be like your local store going out of business but continuing to charge your credit card. Families need strategies to cope. […]

Social Security – an allowance from our kids

Almost more important than what Social Security reform looks like is when it goes into effect. The earlier, the cheaper. […]