Try some 'conservation investing.' Benefit two ways.

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Along with local action and the courts, will these new investments help protect against the effects of global warming?

Conservation investing to counter the effects of global warming may fill gaps from federal programs.Investments that seek measurable environmental benefits – in addition to financial returns – have been growing. Conservation investing includes private capital for sustainable food and fiber production, habitat protection, or clean water projects that aim to achieve environmental conservation objectives while also delivering a financial return.

Given […]

Your neighbors’ financial fragility

State-by-state capabilities with personal financesAs America faces growing expenses from climate change, a new study tells us about the personal finance capabilities of residents in our particular state: making ends meet, planning ahead, and reaching sound financial decisions using accurate knowledge.

Or it tells us how ill-prepared a near-majority of Americans are, no matter where we live, and suggests how easily those of us with fragile finances can drag down the economy for others who are managing OK.