Carbon tax stirrings could boost oil prices

Three recent events suggest the chances for a US carbon tax have improved. […]

Could conservation become a Conservative cause?

The Congress needs to act on climate change – we should push our legislators towards a positive thinking in this matter. […]

The loneliness of the long-distance pundit

Would you watch a news show that just reported on long-term, distant-impact trends – the stuff that won’t affect our wealth and well-being until years in the future? […]

Can cheap water transport ease our roads?

Losing city waterfront to non-water uses may hurt as water transport becomes relatively cheaper. […]

The flow of gasoline through your wallet

Gasoline eats a big part of our disposable income. It could get a lot worse. There are better ways to protect ourselves than hope or hybrids. […]

New free-market transit coming?

Alternatives to automobile and public transportation, like jitney, flex, and shared services, are becoming more popular. […]

Gas tax proposed by oil company president

Is this the first step toward government effort to reduce the nation’s dependence on gasoline? Even if it’s not, it’s a warning we need to reduce the family’s use. […]

Will a vegetable garden really save us money?

In cash terms, a home or community garden can be a big winner. […]

Leaf and Volt

It’s beginning to appear that all-electric cars do have net long-term benefits for the environment. […]

German military planners see disaster in Peak Oil

In the medium term, German planners say, every market-oriented national economy would collapse. […]