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Social Vulnerability Index for climate change disasters

Will your hometown find it extra costly to recover from the ravages of global warming?

Social Vulnerability Index for climate change disastersWhen it comes to disasters – storms, flooding, and health hazards – some hometowns are more vulnerable than others. Physical vulnerabilities can be obvious. If your town is close to the coastline, in a floodplain, on the tornado or hurricane tracks, or without a reliable water source, your long-term costs from a warming atmosphere will be higher.

But other vulnerabilities are […]

Payback on climate-proofing actions

The payback on actions to mitigate the damages from climate change is very high. […]

Flood insurance – growing risks, subsidized premiums

FEMA’s revised maps show dramatic expansion of flood plains. Families aren’t insured for flood unless they have a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. […]

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Who will pay for our retirement?

The social security and pension system are collapsing, while most families have little retirement savings. Families can take actions so kids don’t have to finance their parents’ retirement. […]