Teaching how to reduce stormwater pollution

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Kids with squirt guns get to pollute their watershed, then learn how unhealthy runoff can be prevented.

EnviroScape modelWe understand that global warming is boosting the frequency and intensity of rainfall (particularly the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast and Southwest). If a downpour causes flooding, we see the damage and inconvenience.

What most of us don’t see are the many costs from pollution caused when stormwater overwhelms our sewers, pollutes our streams and beaches, and gets into our drinking water.

Now […]

When did anxiety begin?

Looking around the horizon, alone 1,000 miles from land, I wasn’t afraid. Then I looked down.

Carbon pollution in the oceanFor me it was 1977. I was halfway across the Atlantic, squinting into a bucket of seawater. Specs of brown were floating in it, along with microscopic grey things. What is this stuff? And why is this patch of water, so far from humans, so polluted? I emptied it back over the side, sailed a few more days, and pulled […]