Younger reporters. Clearer vision of climate change.

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How do you get the Wall Street Journal to change on global warming? Buy some ads in their pages.

MarketWatch logoLast summer David Fenton’s ad agency created and placed twelve ads in the Wall Street Journal for The Partnership for Responsible Growth. Each made a persuasive pitch, in terms that WSJ readers understand, for acceptance of global warming as a fact of business and finance.

The Journal has been a high-profile climate skeptic for decades. But when a young reporter at their sister […]

Payback on climate-proofing actions

The payback on actions to mitigate the damages from climate change is very high. […]

A city dying of thirst? The prequel.

At about a 30% water shortage, residents predicted the city would deteriorate. 35% reductions have just been mandated.

Santa Cruz, a county of natural beauty between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Cruz Mountains, is rated at “Extreme” risk for long-term water shortages. (400 American counties have such ratings. Another 600 are rated “High” risk.)

Notice to residents: Santa Cruz is not climate-proof. Way back in 2003, to involve its residents in visualizing the problems ahead, the city asked how people would feel […]