The deficit drops. Now can Washington help create jobs?

With the deficit dropping dramatically, can our resilient government now create jobs, improve education, fight CO2, whatever? […]

Reason #2 to consume less and save more

Reduced federal spending threatens family budgets more than increased taxes. […]

Your fall from the Fiscal Cliff – what impact?

Calculating your potential tax impacts from the Fiscal Cliff ignores other consequences to the family budget. […]

The loneliness of the long-distance pundit

Would you watch a news show that just reported on long-term, distant-impact trends – the stuff that won’t affect our wealth and well-being until years in the future? […]

Where to avoid rising allergy costs.

Ideas for allergy sufferers to avoid being triple-teamed by the growth of healthcare costs, budget deficits, and climate change. […]

We can learn to do with less

Federal budget cuts will be like your local store going out of business but continuing to charge your credit card. Families need strategies to cope. […]

Lucy van Pelt goes to Washington, part 2

If the President’s bipartisan commission can’t agree on recommendations, what chance does Congress have to prevent our kids from drowning in debt? […]

Lucy van Pelt goes to Washington, part 1

Will our DC decision-makers protect us from the dangers economists predict from the next ten years’ budget deficits: rising interest rates, expensive imports, reduced services, higher taxes, and more? […]

Why economic growth?

There are lots of reasons why our economy is in thrall to growth. Seems debt service is the most insistent. […]

Here, go balance the federal budget yourself

Taking a personal cleaver to the US budget deficit goes a long way to educating us. […]