Federal budget cuts disaster relief

Boarded up store

Want help with climate disaster risks? Congress prefers to protect us from a different hazard.

Boarded up storeThis morning House Republicans announced their proposed 2018 budget. It calls for $200 billion in cuts.

Let’s look at two programs that have helped Americans protect against the growing costs of climate change. First, FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund, originally created to help with needs “that overwhelm state resources,” has often been the key to local physical and economic recovery from hurricanes and floods. […]

What infrastructure projects should we want?


What’s the cost of building new stuff compared to repairing what we have?

A climate-proof municipal budget means spending on maintenance, not new infrastructure.We may soon see an explosion of infrastructure spending. Trump, Clinton and Sanders all campaigned on the sorry state of America’s roads, water works, transit and bridges.

But what type of project will benefit you and me the most? Persuasive research says ‘Fix what we have. Don’t build more!’ There are two reasons: first what we have […]

Falling bridges, rising taxes

Collapsing bridges and collapsing federal fuel tax revenues mean the cost of fixing our deficient infrastructure will likely fall on state and municipal taxpayers. […]