The PREPARE Act – a step toward US climate-proofing

The PREPARE Act could push Washington a step toward climate-proofing Americans. [...]

A simple life is hard to imagine. Here’s one way.

Lost driver: “Can you tell me how to get to Union Grove?” Roadside farmer: “No. But if I was you, I wouldn’t start from here.”

Most of us have trouble seeing from here down the road. If we ponder what life would be like with a lot less water, air-conditioning, meat, or municipal services, it’s hard to visualize. How would limited transportation, lower home values, more community conflict, and food scarcities feel? We can’t quite imagine.

I spend hours researching dangers like these and possible tactics for dodging them. But even I have trouble conjuring visions of their everyday consequences. [...]

Could conservation become a Conservative cause?

The Congress needs to act on climate change – we should push our legislators towards a positive thinking in this matter. [...]

The deficit drops. Now can Washington help create jobs?

With the deficit dropping dramatically, can our resilient government now create jobs, improve education, fight CO2, whatever? [...]

Bogus job creators

The premise that taxing the rich will hurt job growth is false, and it’s killing our ability to balance the federal budget. [...]

Pits and piles

There are money pits America needs to fill. There are money piles we might use.

America needs to pay these obligations – or duck them.

$14,350,000,000,000 Our national debt, most will agree, is too big for our national income to support. Slowing or stopping its growth means significantly cutting the federal deficit, currently $1.65 trillion per year.

$2,000,000,000,000 Estimated infrastructure repair needs (e.g. roads, bridges, transportation networks and water systems) in the US.

$36,000,000,000,000 Estimated present value of unfunded obligations under the Medicare program.

$5,400,000,000,000 Estimated present value of unfunded obligations under Social Security.

$1,260,000,000,000 Retirement and healthcare benefits promised [...]

Global warming cheerleaders?

For many who are expecting to be Raptured, global warming seems like part of God’s will. They won’t try to prevent or even mitigate it. [...]

Was human reason never meant for seeking truth?

Scientists see evidence that human reason is weak when applied to finding the truth, but strong when used to defend a viewpoint, regardless of its truth. [...]

We can learn to do with less

Federal budget cuts will be like your local store going out of business but continuing to charge your credit card. Families need strategies to cope. [...]

Gas tax proposed by oil company president

Is this the first step toward government effort to reduce the nation’s dependence on gasoline? Even if it’s not, it’s a warning we need to reduce the family’s use. [...]

If expert predictions are wrong

Most of us don’t realize how shaky most predictions are – and how useful they can still be. [...]

Ja, es ist die globale Erwärmung

Global warming believers and skeptics have different emotional approaches. Why? [...]

Good news about population growth

Population growth has been pulling the rug from under per-capital improvements. Maybe that is about to stop. [...]

Looking for impartial climate predictions

Is a giant international insurance company an objective arbiter of climate change information? [...]

Most likely states for renewable energy

Some states are making it more likely than others that their residents will enjoy renewable energy. [...]

Most sustainable cities

While not fine-tuned to your family’s plans and concerns, city sustainability rankings are a good place to start to find and evaluate places you might choose to live. [...]

Lucy van Pelt goes to Washington, part 2

If the President’s bipartisan commission can’t agree on recommendations, what chance does Congress have to prevent our kids from drowning in debt? [...]

Lucy van Pelt goes to Washington, part 1

Will our DC decision-makers protect us from the dangers economists predict from the next ten years’ budget deficits: rising interest rates, expensive imports, reduced services, higher taxes, and more? [...]

Thank you, Noah

A strong voice against sea-level rise is now in the leadership of the US House of Representatives. I can’t believe I missed his reassuring pronouncement last spring. [...]

Clean energy and the early microprocessor industry

Those benefits touted by the science and engineering community – if it isn’t an outright hoax, at least they are grabbing for government grants [...]

Doesn’t your town make electricity?

“This has the potential of turning town halls into green power stations, saving huge amounts of money.” [...]

German military planners see disaster in Peak Oil

In the medium term, German planners say, every market-oriented national economy would collapse. [...]

American families are going to wake up, right?

After acknowledging a responsibility for picking up litter, only 2% picked up some that had been planted by the researcher. [...]