Agrihoods can help climate-proof the cost of your food

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A new type of neighborhood comes with its own farm.

Several new housing developments are moving away from the more traditional centerpieces of a community (golf courses, swimming pools, clubhouses, etc.) and making communal vegetable gardens the heart of the neighborhood. These “agrihoods” allow homeowners to buy into the garden in exchange for cheap produce. As climate change contiAn agrihood can help climate-proof your food suppynues to drive up food costs, this local growing initiative can help climate-proof […]

Are local regulations hurting future food supplies?

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If local vegetable farms are to grow, they need fewer constraints from government.

Urban garden in Chicago helps food securityScientists project warming will make extreme weather events more likely to threaten our crops. And food costs already take a growing percentage of our income. We should look for ways to climate-proof the security and cost of our food supply. Urban agricultural projects are a growing part of a more climate-proof food economy, but in many places […]

Can marijuana help climate-proof us?

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Urban agriculture may make our food supply more secure. Here’s one way to acquire the skills.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 9.35.17 AMWhether it’s large scale or home scale, hydroponics promises high quality, high-efficiency growing. But, like anything new, it takes skill and experience to get quality and efficiency. Here’s an unusual suggestion from Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances:

“Another place to look for mentors and equipment, for indoor growing in particular, is your neighborhood pot farmer. In states that permit cannabis cultivation, look […]

An Airbnb for vegetable gardens

Growing your own vegetables is – growing! And doing so with others is growing even faster.

Sharing land and skills for vegetable gardensThere are 37 million home vegetable gardens in America. Since 2008, community gardens have tripled from 1 million to 3 million. The average gardener invests $70 to grow $600 in food.

But many would-be growers – maybe you – are held back by lack of land, skills, and mentors. Or the chance to sell, rather […]


“I’m shocked they let some little girl come dig up their whole yard!” “It’s 45 families that I’m feeding . . . people come every week.”

American agriculture is under threat from drought, migrating crop belts, and changing storm patterns. Small-scale local agriculture could come to the rescue, helping to climate-proof the reliability of our food sources and to hold costs down.

These young people, from New Jersey to Florida to California, have taken the ideas of small-scale and local to the extreme. You’ll love hearing their plans and hopes. Maybe you know someone who’d like to join […]

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Not every lot has good soil for a home vegetable garden. It makes sense to test the soil before buying a new home. […]

Cohousing – designed for these times?

Cohousing can have advantages any time, but especially when energy, food and other family budget threats loom. […]

Will a vegetable garden really save us money?

In cash terms, a home or community garden can be a big winner. […]

The right roof for a ‘food-price-crisis decade’

Urban farms, whether indoors or out, are an increasingly popular way of adapting to energy and water pressures. […]