Climate costs up, federal protections down

Federal budget - Republican

Trump abandoning Paris is nothing compared to Congress abandoning us. Federal budget - Republican

Yes, Trump just sold out world efforts to fight increases in our long-term costs from warming. But in the next few months prepare for a much bigger betrayal of America’s ability to protect itself. And most of us don’t see it coming.

The administration’s abandonment of the Paris Accord, the Clean Power Plan, and auto emissions standards all hurt the fight to reduce carbon emissions, the […]

Red-blue split on climate in your town?

Global warming is paralyzing Congress. Can you keep your town nimble?

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.56.55 AMThere’s bad news for those hoping to protect themselves from the threats of warming: a new study says American voters are increasingly polarized on the issue, paralysing Congress and many State Houses.

The good news may be that most of warming’s impact on our family finances will come from highly-local effects anyway, and many of those threats can be parried or escaped through local […]

Warming and stagflation

Warming produces stagflation, which will render monetary policy a two-edged sword. […]

Falling bridges, rising taxes

Collapsing bridges and collapsing federal fuel tax revenues mean the cost of fixing our deficient infrastructure will likely fall on state and municipal taxpayers. […]

The deficit drops. Now can Washington help create jobs?

With the deficit dropping dramatically, can our resilient government now create jobs, improve education, fight CO2, whatever? […]

Facing federal budget cuts – your state’s resilience

Residents in some states are especially vulnerable to federal budget cuts. Other states are safer. […]