Fighting drought in, yes, New England

Drought from falling aquifers is mostly in the West, right? Not this year! Check out some solutions.

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-10-26-14-amNew England got about half the rain it needs last summer. Much of northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire are in an extreme drought, and wells are going dry all over the place. The drought is expected to last through the fall. On top of problems for agriculture, a shortened fall foliage season could really hurt tourism as well.

There’s no immediate solution, but many […]

A city dying of thirst? Seven costs.

Long-term drought in Santa Cruz, CA is having many impacts on the personal finances of county residents. […]

A city dying of thirst? The prequel.

At about a 30% water shortage, residents predicted the city would deteriorate. 35% reductions have just been mandated.

Santa Cruz, a county of natural beauty between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Cruz Mountains, is rated at “Extreme” risk for long-term water shortages. (400 American counties have such ratings. Another 600 are rated “High” risk.)

Notice to residents: Santa Cruz is not climate-proof. Way back in 2003, to involve its residents in visualizing the problems ahead, the city asked how people would feel […]

The loneliness of the long-distance pundit

Would you watch a news show that just reported on long-term, distant-impact trends – the stuff that won’t affect our wealth and well-being until years in the future? […]

Keeping water safe – or just keeping it

The Colorado River and the Ogallala aquifer are both drying up. Today they supply much of your food. What can we do? […]