Walkability strengthens neighborhood ties

Walkable neighborhoods mean residents are likely to have higher trust, more community activities, and stronger social networks locally. [...]

In social enterprise, the enterprise makes the social work

Lots of free community services are being developed. Some are strong on community but weak on service. Small fees could help. [...]

Take your neighbor’s car

Personal Vehicle Sharing is legal in California, soon in Oregon. It helps you avoid buying a car and keeps money in the neighborhood. [...]

Cohousing – designed for these times?

Cohousing can have advantages any time, but especially when energy, food and other family budget threats loom. [...]

Zoning vs. progress

To live in a neighborhood where you have financial and environmental resilience, moving could be less painful than trying to build it around you. [...]

People will pay to walk

Walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented mixed-use neighborhoods are predicted to be in demand, pushing up prices and encouraging construction. [...]

Where are the other savvy families?

Building resiliancy is hard when everyone around you looks askance. There are “Transition” groups to join – or form. [...]

Better strawberries, better food security

Community Supported Agriculture can give you better strawberries and better food security. [...]

Meetup: get stimulus, make progress, have fun

Let others help end your paralysis. Meetups are smallish clubs of like-minded people inspiring each other, offering help, and doing tangible projects together. [...]