Effects of climate change: an excellent summary

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Wildfires are one of the threats from global warming to US familiesI can’t tell you how exciting it is to come across Seven Ways Climate Change Is Impacting Your Life Right Now (Even If You Haven’t Noticed Them)! I’ve been wondering when I’d stop being the only one writing on this premise.

The author Becca Schuh, covers some of the physical threats that Americans face from warming – as well as their financial impacts on us. […]

Adapting to the climate in Washington

Slowing climate change became far less likely last night. But there are still ways to protect ourselves from its growing effects.

Federal climate mitigation efforts died last nightThe bad news: America won’t be doing much to fight warming in the years ahead. The good news: we can now admit what’s long been true.

Many of us have been hoping, against all evidence, that Washington would begin to fight climate change, ignoring the fact that Congress has taken no real mitigation […]

New uses for flooded farmland

A farm adapts to increasingly flooded land. […]

Why the free market alone can’t protect us

The free market isn’t going to protect us from global warming without some serious government-supplied incentives. The best idea so far is a carbon tax. […]

Basements could control climate-related flooding

Storing water from intense downpours or storm surge for a short time can greatly reduce damage to the community. […]

A city dying of thirst? The prequel.

At about a 30% water shortage, residents predicted the city would deteriorate. 35% reductions have just been mandated.

Santa Cruz, a county of natural beauty between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Cruz Mountains, is rated at “Extreme” risk for long-term water shortages. (400 American counties have such ratings. Another 600 are rated “High” risk.)

Notice to residents: Santa Cruz is not climate-proof. Way back in 2003, to involve its residents in visualizing the problems ahead, the city asked how people would feel […]

Social unrest predicted soon from climate change in tropics

A new study says climate change will impact cities near the equator first – and soon – bringing social unrest. […]

Flood insurance – growing risks, subsidized premiums

FEMA’s revised maps show dramatic expansion of flood plains. Families aren’t insured for flood unless they have a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. […]

Could conservation become a Conservative cause?

The Congress needs to act on climate change – we should push our legislators towards a positive thinking in this matter. […]

Who pays for Nature’s increasing impacts?

The biggest danger to most of us in seaside counties is not a disaster to our property; it’s the potential disaster to local and state finances. […]