Biking to work can help climate-proof your budget.

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What does your commute cost you? Same as a month’s rent?

New Orleans bikerIf you’re a typical Boston driver, traffic congestion costs you an estimated $1,760 per year. High commuting costs are found all across the country and are forecast to grow 50% by 2030. Saving some of this could help a family cope with other accelerating costs, like the many now being caused by climate change.

New Orleans is one city that’s working hard to […]

A Chief Resilience Officer in your city's future?

The difference between municipal lip service and actually creating a climate-proof city . . .

Examples of urban resilience in the face of climate change. . . might be the work of a CRO. Atlanta just appointed one, responsible for coordinating efforts across city departments against the effects of warming, among other concerns. Flood prevention, emergency management, fresh water security, and other adaptations to climate change are on the list.

If your city could do with more resiliency initiatives, suggest […]

Social unrest predicted soon from climate change in tropics

A new study says climate change will impact cities near the equator first – and soon – bringing social unrest. […]

Cities – the big target of climate change

The risk of losing wealth in weather-related disasters is increasing faster than that wealth is being created. […]