Commuting costs are only going up

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Want to know where it’s cheap to commute? Check around your area with the H + T Index.

Commuting traffic SFOTime spent in traffic congestion cost the average San Francisco driver $1,996 last year. The Chamber of Commerce, Police Department and MTA are all noodling ideas to lower commuting times, like deploying officers to enforce “blocking the box” violations. But most of these ideas cost money.

What’s more, a new survey shows that a majority of San Francisco […]

Biking to work can help climate-proof your budget.

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What does your commute cost you? Same as a month’s rent?

New Orleans bikerIf you’re a typical Boston driver, traffic congestion costs you an estimated $1,760 per year. High commuting costs are found all across the country and are forecast to grow 50% by 2030. Saving some of this could help a family cope with other accelerating costs, like the many now being caused by climate change.

New Orleans is one city that’s working hard to […]

People will pay to walk

Walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented mixed-use neighborhoods are predicted to be in demand, pushing up prices and encouraging construction. […]