People will pay to walk

Walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented mixed-use neighborhoods are predicted to be in demand, pushing up prices and encouraging construction. […]

Can you get there in 20 minutes walking or biking?

A map of Portland color-codes neighborhoods by walking/biking proximity to everyday destinations. Not everybody’s destinations.. […]

The best kind of bike path

Many communities are rushing to put in bike paths. If yours is one, look at whether it will actually reduce the gasoline you and your neighbors will need to pump. […]

Health benefits of fighting climate change

If we think, “Why should I do sustainable stuff to slow climate change when few others do?” better to think how much our family’s health – and pocketbook – will benefit, regardless of what others do. […]

Most sustainable cities

While not fine-tuned to your family’s plans and concerns, city sustainability rankings are a good place to start to find and evaluate places you might choose to live. […]

A home “affordability” tool

Today, our past home choices wouldn’t make it onto our short list. Affordability has new dimensions. […]