Younger reporters. Clearer vision of climate change.

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How do you get the Wall Street Journal to change on global warming? Buy some ads in their pages.

MarketWatch logoLast summer David Fenton’s ad agency created and placed twelve ads in the Wall Street Journal for The Partnership for Responsible Growth. Each made a persuasive pitch, in terms that WSJ readers understand, for acceptance of global warming as a fact of business and finance.

The Journal has been a high-profile climate skeptic for decades. But when a young reporter at their sister […]

Could conservation become a Conservative cause?

The Congress needs to act on climate change – we should push our legislators towards a positive thinking in this matter. […]

Global warming cheerleaders?

For many who are expecting to be Raptured, global warming seems like part of God’s will. They won’t try to prevent or even mitigate it. […]

Was human reason never meant for seeking truth?

Scientists see evidence that human reason is weak when applied to finding the truth, but strong when used to defend a viewpoint, regardless of its truth. […]

We can learn to do with less

Federal budget cuts will be like your local store going out of business but continuing to charge your credit card. Families need strategies to cope. […]

Ja, es ist die globale Erwärmung

Global warming believers and skeptics have different emotional approaches. Why? […]

Lucy van Pelt goes to Washington, part 2

If the President’s bipartisan commission can’t agree on recommendations, what chance does Congress have to prevent our kids from drowning in debt? […]

Lucy van Pelt goes to Washington, part 1

Will our DC decision-makers protect us from the dangers economists predict from the next ten years’ budget deficits: rising interest rates, expensive imports, reduced services, higher taxes, and more? […]

Thank you, Noah

A strong voice against sea-level rise is now in the leadership of the US House of Representatives. I can’t believe I missed his reassuring pronouncement last spring. […]

For-profit and non-profit in one organization

The conservative idea that for-profit enterprise will save us might work better if mixed with non-profit elements. […]