Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances

"A slow-motion trainwreck of financial costs and lifestyle disruptions."
You can help protect yourself.

Climate-Proof Your Personal FinancesStookey’s eye-opener examines how warming is threatening your family finances and life plans. Less about sea-level rise, it's more about your tax and insurance bills; less about drought, more about the prices you'll pay, the threats to your job, and the endangered value of your home.

Filled with actions you can take to protect your wallet and your lifestyle, the book also emphasizes the importance of acting ahead of the crowd and choosing a well-protected hometown.


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Climate-Proof helps you understand

  • the unfamiliar dangers facing your family very soon,
  • the best steps for protecting wealth and well-being,
  • how you can build resilience into your lifestyle and attitudes,
  • how you can help your community create protections for you and your neighbors, and
  • the importance of where you live.

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1 comment to Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances

  • Eamon

    Even had the election tipped in a different direction, I would have remained skeptical that we as a human race were on pace to avert catastrophic climate change under the Paris accord or whatever succeeded it. That’s because democratic decisionmaking — at least in this country — reflects more the interests of private industry and the ultra-wealthy than the median voter. Swimming against this tide would always prove difficult, but now the floodgates have broken.

    Maybe I’m being fatalistic, but I feel our only shot is some breakthrough technology in capturing carbon. I have little hope that we will successfully limit its emission.

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