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Humans aren’t alone in migrating due to climate change

Trees migrating

You may not be thinking about relocating yet, but trees are already on the move.

Trees migrating because of global warming

Thirteen million of us are predicted to move inland and to higher ground in the coming decades to avoid the inevitable financial costs of climate change. As global temperatures increase, sea levels rise, and the severity of storms intensify, it is no surprise that North America is already in the midst of another great migration […]

How moving can lower your federal income tax

Federal tax rates are the same for everyone, right? So how could your federal taxes be lower if you moved?

1099 formA lot of us are going to relocate in coming years, as the effects of climate change hit America’s coasts. I suggest you put federal taxes on your checklist when shopping for a new hometown.

Consider this example. You and your recent classmate are both nurses. You have roughly the same experience, the same duties. […]

Climate change to spur migration from coastal flooding

Will you soon find yourself moving to a more climate-proof locality?

Evaluating hometownsMany of us spend vacations just exploring. “Let’s see the Ozarks this year,” or “Let’s visit Sue in Bozeman. I’ve always wanted to know more about that part of the country.” Over the coming years, in addition to recreation and education you might start using these trips to look for your next hometown.

Thirteen million of us will be migrating inland in coming decades according to […]

It's hard to invest locally. Here's one way.

Businesses in climate-proof locations can provide climate-proof investments.

Growth of Bozeman, MT driven by climate change?150 new residents arrive in Bozeman and its suburbs every day, or so we were told when we landed there last week. Some of them are likely to be climate migrants, coming from areas afflicted by drought, flooding, sea level rise, or increasing water pollution – none of which is a problem in this valley.

As we drove around the city, its growth and vitality […]

Is climate migration starting along the US coast?

Living where they live is increasingly difficult, and they’re moving. Are similar pressures in store for you?

Climate-change migrants The beautifully-presented stories in the New York Times’ Climate Casualties series are straws in a warm wind. Yes, some are remote. Bolivia’s second-largest lake has dried up completely, and everyone around it is leaving. West African subsistence farmers are giving up and trying to get to Libya, maybe Italy. Over a million Chinese have been resettled away from the sandstorms of an expanding desert.

But […]

Red-blue split on climate in your town?

Global warming is paralyzing Congress. Can you keep your town nimble?

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.56.55 AMThere’s bad news for those hoping to protect themselves from the threats of warming: a new study says American voters are increasingly polarized on the issue, paralysing Congress and many State Houses.

The good news may be that most of warming’s impact on our family finances will come from highly-local effects anyway, and many of those threats can be parried or escaped through local […]

Is your 'habitat' shifting?

Human migration from climate change: any parallels to animal migration?

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.12.33 AMI’ve long written that pulling up stakes and moving to a more climate-proof hometown will be the most effective way to protect against the growing costs from warming. Drastic, yes, but for many families, migration will be necessary to avoid physical damage from flooding and drought, as well as financial threats to property values, local taxes, and health, plus general economic decline.

We’re not the […]

Predictive flood maps

Wall Street spends huge on predictive models. So does the military. So why doesn’t Washington even try to predict the extent of flooding in Louisiana?

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.54.48 AMWhen updated flood maps for the New York City region were created in 2013, residents were shocked to find the flood zone had expanded to include double the number of houses and businesses since the maps were produced less than twenty years before. This change was driven by new […]

Omaha dirt streets

Deferred maintenance is straining street repair budgets. One solution: tear up the potholed pavement, put down gravel.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.02.32 AMIn Omaha, where well-off suburban streets are being removed, resentment is high, lawsuits are threatened, and the conflict appears long-term. But Omaha residents may just be the noisiest. Almost half of Michigan counties have taken some roads back to gravel. Lots of other states and towns have started doing the same.

As the country warms, heat, flooding and […]

Walkability 2

Some previously unnoticed advantages of walkable neighborhoods.

Walkable WashingtonA walkable neighborhood can help climate-proof our lives; we know that. It cuts the number of gallons of gas we buy, maybe the number of cars we own. Reduced traffic lowers road maintenance costs and thus our state and local tax bill. Walking improves our health and lowers long-term healthcare costs.

Now comes another advantage: much greater economic activity in the community. A new study finds that in Washington DC, deemed the […]