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Beach notices call attention to sea level rise

An in-your-face public service announcement could wake your town to the costs of climate change.

Sea level rise marker in Sarasota, FLSea levels are conservatively expected to rise 1 to 4 feet by the end of the century. Coastal residents, more vulnerable to the financial impacts of climate change, could benefit from some public education – earlier than later.

Lido Beach in Sarasota, FL installed an eight-foot-high marker in the sand showing projected rising sea levels […]

Your Social Vulnerability Index - make disasters less disastrous

Will your hometown find it extra costly to recover from the ravages of global warming?

Social Vulnerability Index for climate change disastersWhen it comes to disasters – storms, flooding, and health hazards – some hometowns are more vulnerable than others. Physical vulnerabilities can be obvious. If your town is close to the coastline, in a floodplain, on the tornado or hurricane tracks, or without a reliable water source, your long-term costs from a warming atmosphere will be higher.

But other vulnerabilities are […]

10-foot sea level rise by 2100. That's tomorrow.

The sooner we build protections, the less we’ll pay for them.

Climate-proof providence from sea level rise

Current hurricane barrier, Providence

For years, Rhode Island planning departments have been using 6.6 feet of sea level rise by 2100. Last month, based on new NOAA estimates, they decided 9 feet 10 inches is more likely. That’s only three more feet vertically, but miles of flooding horizontally!

The announcement came with the comment, “The changes to our shoreline are profound, dramatic, and there is […]

Savvy Families extending its message via a new syndication group

Can local actions substitute for federal help against the effects of warming? Luckily, there’s a whole lot we can do.

If the EPA can no longer fight global warming, at least families and communities can protect themselves.

An article I wrote is being picked up by smaller city news operations from OtherWords syndication. It’s about the dramatic switch in Washington against fighting the causes of global warming. Luckily there are lots of things we can do within our families and local communities to protect ourselves against its effects.

Younger reporters. Clearer vision of climate change.

How do you get the Wall Street Journal to change on global warming? Buy some ads in their pages.

How your personal finances will be impacted by climate changeIt looks as if those ads made an impact.

Last summer David Fenton’s ad agency created and placed twelve ads in the Wall Street Journal for The Partnership for Responsible Growth. Each made a persuasive pitch, in terms that WSJ readers understand, for acceptance of global warming as a fact of business and finance.


Effects of climate change: an excellent summary

Save time, save money. Don’t buy my book.

Wildfires are one of the threats from global warming to US familiesI can’t tell you how exciting it is to come across Seven Ways Climate Change Is Impacting Your Life Right Now (Even If You Haven’t Noticed Them)! I’ve been wondering when I’d stop being the only one writing on this premise.

The author Becca Schuh, covers some of the physical threats that Americans face from warming – as well as their financial impacts on us. […]

Mathew reminds us: flood insurance rates set to jump

Washington’s flood insurance “relief” bill expires September 2017. Good for taxpayers; scary for housing markets.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-50-59-amA while back Congress noticed the huge deficit caused from subsidized flood insurance rates and jacked them up to cover actual losses. (You know like a real insurance company.) Many homeowners’ rates tripled. The shouts were deafening. The resulting Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act brought rates back down, but that ‘relief’ from reality expires next September.

Congress and the casualty insurance industry are looking at […]

Climate-Proof book available today

Dozens of threats to our family finances and life plans. Scores of ideas for protecting ourselves and our communities. Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances guideJUST PUBLISHED!

Climate-Proof was released in paperback on Amazon this weekend, and will shortly be out in Kindle, Nook and other Ebook formats.

It’s written on the premise that – whether or not America eventually tackles greenhouse emissions – the costs of warming are already, uh, baked in for the next couple of decades. Savvy families will need to […]

Millennials, we've put our good life on your tab. Thanks.

Can a family protect its kids if the nation doesn’t choose to?

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 12.03.55 PMThis this new study tells us a 21-year-old in the class of 2015 earning a median income will lose $126,000 in lifetime income, and $187,000 in wealth – if we take no action on climate change. These losses caused by climate change will be substantially greater than the damages from other economic challenges (on which America has also been taking […]

The courts – out ahead again

Should we be campaigning for judges harder than for legislators?

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.48.36 AMWith federal and state lawmakers frozen solid for over a decade, the judiciary again seems to be making the only public-policy progress toward climate-proofing our society.

This week comes another example. A federal court ruled that EPA regulations can take into account worldwide, not just national, damage from emissions. Seems that, given how the atmosphere works, America First is a flawed protection strategy. (Come to […]