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Three ways to build climate-proof savings

The right time to save money? It’s when you have some.

Squirrel storing foodThese are the good times, right? Unemployment is low, stock markets and the dollar are way up, soon Washington will cut our taxes. And what do good news and high hopes tell us? Time to upgrade our car? Redo the kitchen? Take that big vacation?

They tell me the opposite. It’s time to spend less, save more, get more acorns into the tree. Here’s why.

First, the […]

Younger reporters. Clearer vision of climate change.

How do you get the Wall Street Journal to change on global warming? Buy some ads in their pages.

How your personal finances will be impacted by climate changeIt looks as if those ads made an impact.

Last summer David Fenton’s ad agency created and placed twelve ads in the Wall Street Journal for The Partnership for Responsible Growth. Each made a persuasive pitch, in terms that WSJ readers understand, for acceptance of global warming as a fact of business and finance.


First casualty of warming: state and local tax revenues

You couldn’t design a tax system more vulnerable to global warming.

Property tax and sales tax revenues are vulnerable to climate change.Florida has no income tax. State revenues are reliant on property and sales taxes. As a Tampa tax attorney, Dick Jacobs, points out, “There are no two sources of taxes more vulnerable to sea level rise than property taxes and sales tax. Florida’s economy is driven by tourism. Seventy-five percent of the people in Florida live in coastal communities. Seventy-nine percent […]

Advocacy for protection to replace prevention?

Mitigation hit a wall Tuesday. Climate hawks may shift their focus to Adaptation.

Adaptation versus MitigationTwo days after the election, I’ve contacted several of the big non-profits that have been laboring to persuade us and our Washington lawmakers to take actions to slow global warming. That effort seems to have come to naught, thanks both to the Republican takeover in Washington and the voter sentiment behind it.

Several organizations confirmed they are re-examining their climate change strategies post-Obama. One likely adjustment is […]

Adapting to the climate in Washington

Slowing climate change became far less likely last night. But there are still ways to protect ourselves from its growing effects.

Federal climate mitigation efforts died last nightThe bad news: America won’t be doing much to fight warming in the years ahead. The good news: we can now admit what’s long been true.

Many of us have been hoping, against all evidence, that Washington would begin to fight climate change, ignoring the fact that Congress has taken no real mitigation […]

Payback on climate-proofing actions

The payback on actions to mitigate the damages from climate change is very high. […]

Predictive flood maps

Wall Street spends huge on predictive models. So does the military. So why doesn’t Washington even try to predict the extent of flooding in Louisiana?

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.54.48 AMWhen updated flood maps for the New York City region were created in 2013, residents were shocked to find the flood zone had expanded to include double the number of houses and businesses since the maps were produced less than twenty years before. This change was driven by new […]

Historic buildings could be swept away

“Some historic buildings are not saveable in their current locations.”

FloodedHistoricHomeSo says John Englander, author of High Tide on Main Street, at the recent conference, Keeping History Above Water. This charette comes up with some ideas about what to do to prevent this.