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Three ways to build climate-proof savings

The right time to save money? It’s when you have some.

Squirrel storing foodThese are the good times, right? Unemployment is low, stock markets and the dollar are way up, soon Washington will cut our taxes. And what do good news and high hopes tell us? Time to upgrade our car? Redo the kitchen? Take that big vacation?

They tell me the opposite. It’s time to spend less, save more, get more acorns into the tree. Here’s why.

First, the […]

A new way to stabilize your freelancing cash flow

For freelancing to help climate-proof your income, this contract may help.

Freelancing contractFreelancing can lower your employment risks as global warming both generates and disrupts industries adapting to climate change. In addition, as a remote Freelancer, you can relocate your home without looking for another employer, a big advantage if the costs of warming begin to pile up in your town.

You may have found climate-proof employment and mobility through freelance work, but will it provide reliable […]

Climate-proof your career: Freelancing

Working from home can reduce career risks

Freelancing can help climate-prof your careerPredicted effects of global warming on the job market include rapid growth of industries that help climate-proof our lives and our communities – like companies that sell water reuse equipment, long-distance moving services, or financing for renewable energy. At the same time we can expect a steady, perhaps dramatic, withering of other sectors like carbon energy, fisheries, and winter sports, as well as housing, tourism […]

Co-ops offer built-in defenses against climate change

Owners benefit socially and financially. They can help you do the same.

Coops less at risk from economic effects of climate changeA growing number of Maine businesses are moving away from single ownership and towards an employee-owned model, as seen at Rock City Coffee Roasters, an independent coffee shop in Rockland.

As the costs of warming increase their assault on the American economy, nurturing strong local businesses is a good way to strengthen your community and resist economic damage. Supporting […]

Commuting costs are only going up

Want to know where it’s cheap to commute? Check around your area with the H + T Index.

Commuting traffic SFOTime spent in traffic congestion cost the average San Francisco driver $1,996 last year. The Chamber of Commerce, Police Department and MTA are all noodling ideas to lower commuting times, like deploying officers to enforce “blocking the box” violations. But most of these ideas cost money.

What’s more, a new survey shows that a majority of San Francisco […]

Renewable Energy Standards boost jobs.

Are jobs in renewable energy risky? Not if your state has high renewable energy requirements.

Solar energy creating middle-class jobs.For states like California that can muster the political oomph to mandate Renewable Portfolio Standards, the employment payoff appears to be even better than expected. Not only does the quantity of jobs go up, but the quality of those jobs does too. Surprisingly high-wage, skilled jobs, many of them unionized, have been the result according to this Berkeley study.

Originally conceived […]

A workers' coop can help climate-proof its members

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-10-16-52-amAs the personal costs of climate change begin to bite, greater sacrifices may need to be made to live near a good job. Here’s the logic: Rising commuting costs plus the many savings possible if you live in a relatively climate-proof community make it unlikely that your wallet will be happy if you live near a traditional job center. (See details/examples in Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances.) These pressures will favor remote working arrangements and virtual […]

Millennials, we've put our good life on your tab. Thanks.

Can a family protect its kids if the nation doesn’t choose to?

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 12.03.55 PMThis this new study tells us a 21-year-old in the class of 2015 earning a median income will lose $126,000 in lifetime income, and $187,000 in wealth – if we take no action on climate change. These losses caused by climate change will be substantially greater than the damages from other economic challenges (on which America has also been taking […]

Is your 'habitat' shifting?

Human migration from climate change: any parallels to animal migration?

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.12.33 AMI’ve long written that pulling up stakes and moving to a more climate-proof hometown will be the most effective way to protect against the growing costs from warming. Drastic, yes, but for many families, migration will be necessary to avoid physical damage from flooding and drought, as well as financial threats to property values, local taxes, and health, plus general economic decline.

We’re not the […]

Warming will degrade some employees’ productivity

Climate-proofing the value of employees means keeping them cool. […]