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Climate change puts children’s mental health at risk

What do kids know about global warming? A lot more than we think. And it’s hurting them.

Kid on a swingWe understand climate change can hurt our mental health and lead to increased anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder – all of which can be costly to treat. Now, a new study suggests children may experience even greater mental health impacts due to climate-related stress. The report from the American Psychological Association and the nonprofit ecoAmerica documents the psychiatric harm […]

Will climate change hurt our mental health?

As politics reverses environmental protection, new reports suggest your mental health may be at risk.

Depression, anxiety, PTSD from global warmingCan’t pinpoint why you or those around you are feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed? For some of us, it’s at least partly due to the effects of climate change. A report issued by the U.S. Global Change Research Program finds evidence of this: “Climate change is an ongoing threat, and the psychological implications are occurring here and […]

Treating the psychological dangers of climate change

Don’t go mad. Get mad.

Dealing with psychological problems from climate change.When writing Climate-Proof, I was surprised to find the American Psychological Association has predicted for several years that climate disruptions will cause a steady increase in depressive and anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, and suicides across America.

Laura Schmidt has started a Salt Lake City support group, meeting weekly to support activists, scientists, and other concerned citizens going through what she calls “climate grief.” Using techniques […]

Is your 'habitat' shifting?

Human migration from climate change: any parallels to animal migration?

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.12.33 AMI’ve long written that pulling up stakes and moving to a more climate-proof hometown will be the most effective way to protect against the growing costs from warming. Drastic, yes, but for many families, migration will be necessary to avoid physical damage from flooding and drought, as well as financial threats to property values, local taxes, and health, plus general economic decline.

We’re not the […]

Municipal response plans for heat waves

It’s 98º in Boston, 108º in Phoenix. Is your city helping its residents?

A 2016 US heat wave attributed to global waming

Cooling centers in public buildings? Longer public pool hours? Person-by-person contact and transport for seniors and the disabled? Extra drinking water? Publicity of heat exhaustion and stroke symptoms? Help for the homeless?

Here’s the Washington DC plan. Here’s Baltimore’s. What is your city doing to climate-proof its residents this week?


A simple life is hard to imagine. Here’s one way.

Lost driver: “Can you tell me how to get to Union Grove?” Roadside farmer: “No. But if I was you, I wouldn’t start from here.”

Most of us have trouble seeing from here down the road. If we ponder what life would be like with a lot less water, air-conditioning, meat, or municipal services, it’s hard to visualize. How would limited transportation, lower home values, more community conflict, and food scarcities feel? We can’t quite imagine.

World Made By Hand

New: towns graded for retirees and young families

Where-To-Live Reports now include summary grades for the priorities of young families and retirees. […]

Cost of a state’s Obamacare opt-out

Under Obamacare in 2014, states opting not to expand Medicaid will saddle their taxpayers with bigger costs. […]

Will dementia swamp the system, drain our savings?

Medicare pays for less than 7% of dementia care. With dementia predicted to become much more prevalent, family savings are bound to suffer. […]

Reason #2 to consume less and save more

Reduced federal spending threatens family budgets more than increased taxes. […]