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Three ways to build climate-proof savings

The right time to save money? It’s when you have some.

Squirrel storing foodThese are the good times, right? Unemployment is low, stock markets and the dollar are way up, soon Washington will cut our taxes. And what do good news and high hopes tell us? Time to upgrade our car? Redo the kitchen? Take that big vacation?

They tell me the opposite. It’s time to spend less, save more, get more acorns into the tree. Here’s why.

First, the […]

Tidewater film leaves climate change lingo at the door

Is this the documentary we’ve been waiting for?

Sure, I enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood. I appreciated Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Listening to Gore’s southern drawl as he walked his audience through the warming of our planet was earth shattering (literally), but I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something a community could do to kick off local protective actions now. Films on climate change are a bit one-note. Most are long on causes and threats, but short on immediate protections and solutions (let alone discussion of personal costs). And there is always a polar bear.

Enter […]

Beach notices call attention to sea level rise

An in-your-face public service announcement could wake your town to the costs of climate change.

Sea level rise marker in Sarasota, FLSea levels are conservatively expected to rise 1 to 4 feet by the end of the century. Coastal residents, more vulnerable to the financial impacts of climate change, could benefit from some public education – earlier than later.

Lido Beach in Sarasota, FL installed an eight-foot-high marker in the sand showing projected rising sea levels […]

Savvy Families extending its message via a new syndication group

Can local actions substitute for federal help against the effects of warming? Luckily, there’s a whole lot we can do.

If the EPA can no longer fight global warming, at least families and communities can protect themselves.

An article I wrote is being picked up by smaller city news operations from OtherWords syndication. It’s about the dramatic switch in Washington against fighting the causes of global warming. Luckily there are lots of things we can do within our families and local communities to protect ourselves against its effects.

Younger reporters. Clearer vision of climate change.

How do you get the Wall Street Journal to change on global warming? Buy some ads in their pages.

How your personal finances will be impacted by climate changeIt looks as if those ads made an impact.

Last summer David Fenton’s ad agency created and placed twelve ads in the Wall Street Journal for The Partnership for Responsible Growth. Each made a persuasive pitch, in terms that WSJ readers understand, for acceptance of global warming as a fact of business and finance.


Goodbye mitigation, hello adaptation

Originally published in Providence Business News, December 2, 2016 DAVID W. STOOKEY GUEST COLUMN

PBN op-ed on climate change and global warmingEnvironmentally, the world has changed overnight. The likelihood that our nation will combat the causes of global warming sank on Election Day. President-elect Donald J. Trump’s policies call for backing away from the Paris climate accord, scrapping the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan and installing a climate denier as the agency’s head. And Congress seems unlikely to work with the rest […]

Listening for Climate Change

Story originally published in, Dec 13, 2016. screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-1-57-06-pmWhy is there a big gap between Americans’ stated interest in global warming and our discourse about it? Seven in ten of us say we’re at least moderately interested, and a majority say it’s at least somewhat important to us personally. Yet only two in ten of us see or hear something in the media about climate change more than once a week; six in ten hear about it less than once […]

Advocacy for protection to replace prevention?

Mitigation hit a wall Tuesday. Climate hawks may shift their focus to Adaptation.

Adaptation versus MitigationTwo days after the election, I’ve contacted several of the big non-profits that have been laboring to persuade us and our Washington lawmakers to take actions to slow global warming. That effort seems to have come to naught, thanks both to the Republican takeover in Washington and the voter sentiment behind it.

Several organizations confirmed they are re-examining their climate change strategies post-Obama. One likely adjustment is […]

Adapting to the climate in Washington

Slowing climate change became far less likely last night. But there are still ways to protect ourselves from its growing effects.

Federal climate mitigation efforts died last nightThe bad news: America won’t be doing much to fight warming in the years ahead. The good news: we can now admit what’s long been true.

Many of us have been hoping, against all evidence, that Washington would begin to fight climate change, ignoring the fact that Congress has taken no real mitigation […]

Red-blue split on climate in your town?

Global warming is paralyzing Congress. Can you keep your town nimble?

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.56.55 AMThere’s bad news for those hoping to protect themselves from the threats of warming: a new study says American voters are increasingly polarized on the issue, paralysing Congress and many State Houses.

The good news may be that most of warming’s impact on our family finances will come from highly-local effects anyway, and many of those threats can be parried or escaped through local […]