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Three ways to build climate-proof savings

The right time to save money? It’s when you have some.

Squirrel storing foodThese are the good times, right? Unemployment is low, stock markets and the dollar are way up, soon Washington will cut our taxes. And what do good news and high hopes tell us? Time to upgrade our car? Redo the kitchen? Take that big vacation?

They tell me the opposite. It’s time to spend less, save more, get more acorns into the tree. Here’s why.

First, the […]

Innovate4Climate: new climate finance ideas

Do you know a local startup that could use financial advice? This conference may help.

Climate change will burden you with new costs and lifestyle disruptions. Your tax and insurance bills, food and transportation costs, and even your employment are all under threat from warming.

Today, the World Bank Group launches the inaugural “Innovate4Climate – Finance & Markets Week” in Barcelona, Spain from May 22-25th. The event brings together government, business, banking, and corporate finance leaders who are focused on shaping the next generation of climate finance and mobilizing investment for national climate action plans.

The […]

Help climate-proof your community. And your portfolio.

Investing in local real estate can do both

Local real estate investing can help climate-proof your town and your investmentsFinding Local Investing Networks can be especially tricky if you lack credentials as an accredited investor. Or if you don’t want to buy a whole property or manage it. Now, one company is helping towns threatened by the effects of warming to pool small investors to make real estate improvements.

Small Change is an online platform which features real […]

Growing reasons to climate-proof our investments

More companies grudgingly warn us of climate risks to their stock value.

Sen Whitehouse regarding risks to investors“Republicans in Congress ignore climate change for the simple reason that the fossil fuel industry has become their political life-support system,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D. RI) earlier this month. “It does not have to be this way. Outside this chamber, even Republicans see things very differently. In the investment sector, where people have to make decisions based on real facts […]

Try some 'conservation investing.' Benefit two ways.

Along with local action and the courts, will these new investments help protect against the effects of global warming?

Conservation investing to counter the effects of global warming may fill gaps from federal programs.Investments that seek measurable environmental benefits – in addition to financial returns – have been growing. Conservation investing includes private capital for sustainable food and fiber production, habitat protection, or clean water projects that aim to achieve environmental conservation objectives while also delivering a financial return.

Given […]

It's hard to invest locally. Here's one way.

Businesses in climate-proof locations can provide climate-proof investments.

Growth of Bozeman, MT driven by climate change?150 new residents arrive in Bozeman and its suburbs every day, or so we were told when we landed there last week. Some of them are likely to be climate migrants, coming from areas afflicted by drought, flooding, sea level rise, or increasing water pollution – none of which is a problem in this valley.

As we drove around the city, its growth and vitality […]

Millennials, we've put our good life on your tab. Thanks.

Can a family protect its kids if the nation doesn’t choose to?

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 12.03.55 PMThis this new study tells us a 21-year-old in the class of 2015 earning a median income will lose $126,000 in lifetime income, and $187,000 in wealth – if we take no action on climate change. These losses caused by climate change will be substantially greater than the damages from other economic challenges (on which America has also been taking […]

Payback on climate-proofing actions

The payback on actions to mitigate the damages from climate change is very high. […]

An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.50.57 AM

Companies that help us stop pumping carbon into the air – building wind turbines, converting coal-burning processes, raising energy efficiency – have flash and big markets. But companies that protect us from the carbon already out there – developing drought, pest, and disease resistant crops, managing fresh water, developing vaccines and other techniques to fight migrating tropical diseases – may be ho-hum but have far larger markets. Here’s a recent discussion of the distinction, with examples.

Excuse to do nothing #9:    They’ll invent something.

Arizona State CCS invention could remove CO2A new material that’s a thousand times more effective than trees at taking CO2 out of the air. Wow! Sounds great until you hear that we’d need to deploy 100 million of these container-sized systems around the world just to offset current emissions.

So maybe we shouldn’t postpone other actions to climate-proof our families and communities in the meantime.