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Your wallet? Your lifestyle? Your well-being? All are endangered by warming.

Because of climate change, we face bigger threats to our finances and welfare than most of us understand. Climate-Proof is the place to find - and contribute - ideas for safeguarding your finances and lifestyles. We worry. We ask questions. We look for ways to help you, your family, and community become adaptable and resilient.

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Who are we?

David Stookey

David Stookey

As author of Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances and editor of SavvyFamilies, David’s primary qualifications include a wonderful wife, three great children, a modest income, and a concern to protect them all.

David's other roles have included CEO of venture-backed firms in software, AIDS research and medical diagnostic systems, VP in a economic forecasting firm, Hong Kong's leading debt collector, solo transatlantic sailboat racer, a consultant in Tehran, and Harvard MBA.

Having benefited greatly from the freedoms and the security America has provided in the past, David hopes - with the help of Climate-Proof readers - to curate and develop ideas for keeping those opportunities and resources around for younger citizens and future generations.

David and his wife are currently moving to a home afloat - off the grid but still virtually connected to the world and his readers.

Contact David via email or find him on Facebook and Twitter.


Chelsea McInnis

Chelsea McInnis, writer for Climate-Proof

Chelsea is a freelance writer, editor, and chief word-slinger at HistoryThruHerStory, an irreverent historical news site. She received her history degree at the University of South Florida but mostly uses it these days to sound smart at parties.

A California transplant from Florida, she has embraced the drought-ridden west coast with open arms. Living on the banks of the Sacramento River, Chelsea is at the center of climate vulnerability - she has experienced extreme drought, wildfires, heavy rains, detrimental early Tahoe snowmelt, and flooding (and all within 6 months!). Residing in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, she has witnessed the threat extreme weather can have on her community. She hopes she can bring to Climate-Proof readers the resilience initiatives she has learned.

Contact Chelsea via email or find her on Twitter.


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  • K. Ireland

    I think your “D” for colleges in the Burnsville, MN is wrong. Since in the MPLs metro area there are 2 community colleges within 10 miles and numerous 4 year private colleges and the U of MN within 20 miles. I am sure you try to be standardized but this would be wrong. I looked at the small town in KY that we have a farm and that had a “D” for colleges and I would agree with that as really only one program within 30 miles of town. There is no comparison between the two.

    • David Stookey

      Thanks for pointing out that our college data are not sufficient. We have recognized this and are in the process of updating and regrading these indicators. A good grade goes to the town or city in which the school(s) is located; we have not tried to spread that grade to neighboring towns within a certain radius. Thus, if you are in Town A but Town B is close by, you may want to check this indicator for Town B as well as your hometown for what, in your case, sounds like a positive spillover effect.

      Researchers have established a connection between local bachelors/masters/doctorate/research schools and the formation of local tech and professional start-ups which are relatively resilient in economic down-turns. We will be including far more such colleges across the country, but not two-year associate-degree schools which apparently concentrate on skills that are somewhat more at risk in downturns.

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