Payback on climate-proofing actions

The time to repair the roof . . .
. . . is when the sun is shining.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.20.10 AM"Yeah, yeah, yeah. But money's tight, and it's tough to spend it guarding against future uncertainties. Rainwater storage, grading for safer drainage, building up our savings, a vegetable garden or chicken coop, courses for new job skills, installing solar - what are the chances all that time and money will really pay off?"

FEMA asked the same question awhile back: would investing in actions to reduce future hazard losses pay back the upfront cost? They commissioned a study by the National Institute of Building Sciences and got the answer. Money spent on stormwater drainage, warning systems, retrofitting public buildings, etc. cut future costs many times over. Creating evacuation routes, business continuity plans, and emergency stores pays off. Limiting growth in hazard areas has a big return. And so on. All told, a dollar spent by FEMA on hazard mitigation actions provides the nation about $4 in future benefits.

Looking ahead at the many threats to your family from warming, you can probably see that dollars spent to climate-proof your property, your lifestyle, and your earnings will provide or save a whole lot of dollars in future benefits.

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