Millennials, we've put our good life on your tab. Thanks.

Can a family protect its kids
if the nation doesn't choose to?

Costs of climate change go to MillennialsThis this new study tells us a 21-year-old in the class of 2015 earning a median income will lose $126,000 in lifetime income, and $187,000 in wealth - if we take no action on climate change. These losses caused by climate change will be substantially greater than the damages from other economic challenges (on which America has also been taking no action) such as student debt costs, child-care costs, and earnings lost to extreme inequality.

The study authors, NextGen Climate and Demos, call this "a massive betrayal of young people by our political leaders" - not to mention by parents and grandparents. But, as I discuss in Chapter 12 of Climate-Proofif America as a whole is spending on themselves instead of investing to protect our kids, that doesn't mean that your family can't do the opposite.

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